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The Full Story

Luis was born in Guadalajara, Mex in 1989, moved to USA in 2001 with hopes that one day he'd work in a movie production set. After working a few lead roles at in his early twenties and after the unfortunate passing of his wife, he decided to pursue his passion. Within a few years of working in the industry as a freelancer he was able to get hands-on experience and training at Paramount studios in Los Angeles which then boosted his abilities to take on bigger jobs as coordinator or creative director. Currently, Luis and his crew are working with big and small production companies through southern California putting on live events at places like LA Memorial Coliseum, Pomona Fairplex, Adelanto Stadium, Netflix Corp, Christ Cathedral to name a few.


Luis is also a single father and home schools his son Luke, he enjoys to play guitar and bass,

occasional painting, drawing, sculpting, prop making, cos-playing and a bit of film photography.  

No matter what the occasion is he's always looking to deliver a well polished product.

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